Handmade Jewellery Designer in Gold Coast

A warm and happy welcome to you at Ordekian Jewellery, where your dream jewellery is materialised from your imagination to reality.

Mihran Ordkian, the master jeweller at Ordekian Jewellery is an experienced professional in the custom jewellery trade. Specialising in bespoke designs, jewellery repairing, re-modelling and re-designing, we offer the perfect blend of modern aesthetics with the traditional art of the hand that brings to life the most awe-inspiring pieces. Simply speaking, you’ll be delighted with our work.

Custom Bespoke Designs

Come visit us at Ordekian Jewellery and have a conversation with our master craftsman Mihran. Show us an image or a sketch of what you have in mind, or even just describe how you envision your dream piece to be. We’ll create your imagination into a tangible piece of art that you, or your loved one can admire for the rest of your life.

Hand Crafted Perfection

Mihran Ordkian has honed the traditional art of handcrafted jewellery with over two decades of experience. He is an expert in modelling unique designs and shaping those intricate designs into perfection in metal and stone. After several years of mastering this invaluable skill, Mihran opened his own workshop to do what he’s always wanted to – to devote his skills to intimately serving every customer. He now fuels his lifelong obsession with detail and precision to deliver hand-crafted bespoke jewellery that absolutely delight those who seek his services.

Transform Mediocrity into Brilliance

Do you have gift of jewellery that never appealed to your style? Have any old-fashioned jewellery you would like modernised? Or have a family heirloom you want restored to its original glittering glory? If you ask for it, it is served to you at Ordekian Jewellery – where we transform mediocrity to brilliance.

100% Authentic Jewellery

The jewellery handcrafted at Ordekian Jewellery is completely unique, exclusive and modern in design and craftsmanship. Whether you desire a specific design, or ask for a remodelled version of the original – what we create is unique and irreplaceable.

High Quality

We work only with high quality materials. There’s no compromise at Ordekian Jewellery when it comes to your satisfaction. All our custom-made jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty. That is how confident we are in the outstanding pieces we create.

Symbols of Love & Longevity

We know that those who are interested in custom jewellery are looking for something special. They are searching for that perfect token of love and longevity, that just cannot be picked at commercial jewellery stores. At Ordekian Jewellery, we give our 100% focus and attention to each and every individual. Every person has a unique story, a unique sentiment and a unique design in mind. It is our passion to intimately know what that is and express it into something truly beautiful. Something that faithfully reflects the essence of their emotions. A physical symbol that you or your loved one can cherish every day.

Visit us at Ordekian Jewellery today and have a free consultation with our master jeweller Mihran. Let’s craft your imagination into a beautiful piece of art.

* Please be sure to call us in advance so that we can ensure that Mihran is available when you arrive.