Diamond Rings

Rings are ornaments that are worn for all sorts of reasons. As a token of love, as a fashion accessory, or even as a purifying agent worn to ward off disease and evil. They have been in vogue since ancient times and have continued to be one jewellery item that will always withstand the test of time and enamour people’s hearts. Rings depict a possession of love, of fidelity. They flaunt wealth and glamour, and they serve as a valuable heirloom that unites bloodlines across generations.

The reasons for wearing a ring might be different for each individual, but there is one expectation that we all share in common – that of beautiful design. Everyone wants to adorn a ring that is pleasing to look at and stylish to wear. But some of us are looking for something more, something special. We at Ordekian Jewellery exist to give you just that extra allure in quality and design.

Driven by a passion to create unique and modern jewellery, we mold top quality metal and stones into dazzling jewellery radiating with inescapable brilliance. We are specialists in crafting custom bespoke creations, made using the traditional art of handcraft perfectly mingled with modern technology and aesthetics. We are masters in weaving completely authentic designs into beautiful rings you will admire forever.

Mihan Ordkian, our master craftsman, has over two decades of experience in the custom jewellery trade. He’s an innovator at heart with a passion to intimately and meticulously serve every customer to complete satisfaction. His obsession with precision and detail always drives him to deliver impeccable jewellery of the highest quality. A master artisan in designing and remodelling across a vast jewellery range, he will conjure your imagination to reality, as he has for countless other thankful customers.

All our bespoke creations come with a lifetime warranty, complete with all maintenance costs covered. We create jewellery that retains its luster and is built to last a lifetime. Please keep in mind though that this warranty does not cover lost, stolen and abused merchandise.

Repairing and redesigning rings:-

Ordekian Jewellery also specialises in breathing new life into your old or damaged rings. Whether you’re in possession of some old gold, have grown disenchanted with the quality or design of the ring you own, or just plain want an ancient artifact restored to its original pristine state, we’ve got you covered.

If you are looking to remodel or redesign your jewellery into something modern and authentic, be it a custom design or one you want to pick from our assorted selection, we specialise in that too.

Come visit us for a free consultation with Mihan. Tell us what you have in mind, be it a sketch, an image or just an abstract idea. We’ll take care of the rest.

* Please call us beforehand so we can ensure that Mihran is available upon your arrival.