An engagement ring is a grand symbol of love you give to the person you want to spend a lifetime with. It is more than just a mere shiny object, it is an eternal reminder of your undying faith. Your beloved will lay eyes on it for the first time on the day of your proposal, and adorn it forever. Naturally then, it needs to be something special. Something distinctive. Something unique.

At Ordekian, we give you just that. With over 200 of the most beautiful designs, you are sure to find something that appeals to you. Our rings are hand-crafted to last a lifetime. These little pieces of art will capture all your vast, priceless memories for eternity.

If however, you have a design in mind, don’t hesitate to come in and see our master jeweller Mihran, who will skillfully breathe your vision to life. With over two decades of experience in modelling and design, he has proven pedigree in shaping your imagination with precision and detail. We at Ordekian Jewellery use only the most authentic and quality metal and stones, that add an unmissable pizzazz to your engagement rings.

A ring is the ultimate symbol of dedication, love and commitment between two souls. It is a herald to the start of a journey of a lifetime that two lovers embark upon together. It is a wonderful symbol of love that will be forever precious to your significant other, and a shining representative of your fidelity and affection to your friends, family and peers alike. They wouldn’t be able to help but stare in awe at your prized possession.

An engagement ring is shaped in a circle, not just because it fits your finger right. It is a metaphor for continuity. Just like a circle has no end and no beginning, the love you share with your soulmate is transcendental and recurring. This historic symbol of communion refers to how people are connected and brought together in wonderful ways.

At Ordekian Jewellery, you’ll get a personalised experience that’ll be hard to find at large commercial outlets. We are passionate about delivering what you have in mind. Seal your love and make it official with the perfect piece that resonates through your soul and that of your soulmate’s.

Repairing & Remodelling Engagement Rings:-

We offer repair and remodeling services apart from designing and creating from scratch.

If your ring has incurred damage, we’ll repair it with precision and make it whole again. Or if you want it glossed and polished, we’ll restore it to its original grandeur.

Grown disenchanted with your ring design? Got a jewellery gift that doesn’t sit well with your tastes? We’ve got you covered. We’ll mold your ring to a design you already have in mind, or you can come visit us and choose from a beautiful collection of intricate designs at Ordekian.