A necklace is more than just a fashion accessory that adds to your attire. It is more than just a shiny object for garnering attention. Since traditional times, necklaces have meant a lot more than a decorative adornment. It carries within a deep emotional value; it bears the sentiments of the person that gifted the necklace to you. Whether it is a token of affection from your lover, or a heritage left for you to carry forward by your mother, necklaces have become eternal symbols of meaning. And we at Ordekian Jewellery realise that sentiment deeply.

Specialising in crafting bespoke necklaces, we are passionate about creating that perfect piece of jewellery for you that will outshine in brilliance for several years to come. We dabble in only the highest quality metal and stones that are built to last lifelong. All our custom jewellery comes with a life-time warranty, so whether you are looking to conjure your own imagination into reality, or searching for that perfectly unique and modern design, we are here to serve you to your complete satisfaction.

Nothing accents the femininity of a woman like a fine necklace. It perfectly compliments her delicate neckline, enhancing her charm and elegance. It can serve as the perfect gift to a woman for any occasion. At Ordekian Jewellery, we are passionate about crafting that unique piece of modern jewellery that’ll excite and delight you and your loved one. We offer the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics of handmade products with modern technology to bring your imagination to life.

Repair, remodel or redesign necklaces:-

We are adept at not only creating new designs, but refreshing old ones too. If due to some unfortunate circumstances, you find your precious necklace damaged or blemished, we’ll repair it and restore it back into its original pristine state. The service extends to heritage necklaces that you want to breathe new life into as well.

If you have grown disenchanted with your old gold, find a jewellery gift distasteful or just want a necklace piece remodelled into something stylish and modern, we also specialise in redesigning ornaments. Just bring in your design or choose from several exquisite ones at Ordekian Jewellery.

Mihran, our master jeweller has over two decades of experience in jewellery making, and has designed, remodelled and repaired jewellery for over a decade. After contributing his outstanding skills to popular retailers for several years, Mihan started his own venture, which blossomed into Ordekian Jewellery. He now lives his passion to intimately cater to the needs of every customer, and brings their vision to life everyday. His obsession with precision and detail steers him forever to deliver the most impeccable jewellery to you.

Visit Ordekian Jewellery for a free consultation and have a one on one with Mihran. Bring in an image, a sketch or just paint with words what you have in mind. We’ll take care of the rest.

* Please call us in advance so that we can schedule the most convenient time when both you and Mihran are available.