Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are the ultimate representation of the official bond of marriage, and all the eternal vows of love and faith that come with it. The long-standing tradition of exchanging wedding bands in ceremony has served as the eternal symbol of love for centuries. It is the emblem of commitment and devotion, a sacred communion between two souls that will cherish one another for the rest of their days.

Wedding bands are circular in shape, a symbol of infinity representative of the undying love of a couple. Just as a circle has no beginning or an end, such is the ideal love – eternal and forever. Which is why when searching for that perfect wedding band, you might find yourself completely overwhelmed with options, or underwhelmed with the lack thereof. You keep on looking but you just can’t find that ideal design that appeals to your imagination. We at Ordekian Jewellery exist to pacify your that very dilemma.

We specialise in bespoke jewellery and authentic design. We craft pieces that will leave you breathless. With an emphasis on quality and uniqueness, we offer a traditional handmade touch using modern technology to shape that brilliant wedding band your loved one just cannot take their eyes off. It will bear the envy and admiration of friends, family and peers alike.

Mihan Ordkian, our master craftsman, is a veteran of the custom handmade jewellery trade. He has over two decades of experience and specialises in modelling, repairing and redesigning a large selection of jewellery. Fueled by his passion to give his customers a fulfilling experience, Mihan hand crafts the most impeccable jewellery designs bespoke for his clients. His obsession with precision and attention to detail ensures that your vision is brought beautifully to life.

All our custom made jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty, in addition to all necessary maintenance requirements. The wedding bands we create radiate quality and are built to last for decades.

Redesigning and repairing wedding bands:-

If due to unfortunate circumstances you find your wedding band damaged or blemished, give us a visit and we’ll restore it to its original pristine state. If your wedding band has seen a lot of wear and tear, we specialise in breathing new life into old ornaments. Or if you wish for your band to be remodelled into a new design, we’ll mold it into fresh perfection.

Visit us at Ordekian Jewellery for a free consultation with our master jeweller Mihan. Please ensure to call us beforehand so that he is available for you when you arrive. We have a catalogue of exquisite designs you are bound to like. Or if you have a design in mind, feel free to bring us an image, a sketch or just paint a word picture of your idea. We’ll take care of the rest.