Earrings are a token of beauty and memory. The soft, comforting metal sounds of your mother’s earrings, the shine of those of your first crush as she gently tucked her hair behind her ear – they all leave an unforgettable impression in our minds. At Ordekian Jewellery, we’re all about capturing that first impression, that memorable essence. Our earrings are molded to blend perfectly with a variety of dresses and occasions. They are custom made to compliment your personalised style.

At Ordekian Jewellery, we are committed to delivering hand crafted perfection. We bring to life only the most wonderful pieces that will delight your eyes, and fulfill your heart. If you have a design in mind, give our master jeweller Mihran a visit. If you are looking for unique designs, we have an assorted collection you can conveniently choose from as well.

We uniquely combine modern elegance with traditional craftsmanship to breathe into existence the perfect pieces for our clients. If you are someone who’s looking for that special piece of jewellery that cannot truly be found in commercial outlets, if you are searching for an exquisite model that will make your special someone exclaim in delight, we are your go to. At Ordekian Jewellery, we’re driven by the passion to create top quality products that radiate brilliance and panache.

Repairing, remodelling, redesigning earrings:-

We specialise in not only creating unique design for our clients, but also in repairing and redesigning earrings to suit your tastes. If unfortunately, you find your earrings blemished or dented, we’ll fix it and restore it to its original state as good as new. If you are unhappy with the current design of your earrings, we’ll remodel it into a design of your choosing to meticulous perfection.

Our master jeweller Mihran has over two decades of experience in shaping thousands of dazzling pieces of jewellery across several categories. He diligently honed his skills during his time working for top retailers, and now follows his passion of giving special attention and care to his customers. At Ordekian Jewellery, you’ll find handcrafted earrings that are created with ultimate precision and detailing to mold into being that perfect piece of jewellery you have been eagerly looking for.

Visit our store for a free consultation. We guarantee top quality jewellery and complete satisfaction. Please do make sure to call us in advance so we can ensure that Mihran is available when you arrive.